bullet-orange-altVAST® (Vascular Access Surveillance and Tracking) is a proprietary, patent-pending, clinically specific software program that tracks patient’s vascular access insertion and care and maintenance in real time. 

bullet-orange-altVAST®  supports Lee Medical Vascular Access Specialists in documenting the entire procedure, type of catheter, tip location, compliance information, other procedural information and process on our own secure mobile platform.

bullet-orange-altVAST® provides ongoing systematic collection, analysis, interpretation, and dissemination of data regarding Lee Medical’s vascular access devices for the purpose of improving patient outcomes, identifying trends and applying meaningful interpretation to a wide repository of vascular access data.  

bullet-orange-altVAST® enables LMI to track outcomes throughout the life of the catheter and the continuum of care.

bullet-orange-altVAST® compiles the data necessary for the quality baseline metrics provided to our customers.

bullet-orange-altVAST® is capable of establishing a live connection with enterprise EMRs thereby providing much needed patient specific data from across the continuum of care. As patients move across the continuum of care, LMI customers have the benefit of receiving critical patient-specific vascular access history.

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