Does everyone need a PICC?

No.  Our vascular access specialists are trained to recommend the right device at the right time.

What is the primary service line of Lee Medical, Inc.?

bullet-orange-alt Provide both vascular access services 24/7/365 and educational support. We acquire venous access for those patients requiring Extended Dwell Peripherally Catheters including PICC lines.

bullet-orange-alt Provide scheduled care and maintenance of the catheters by our staff at no additional charge.

bullet-orange-alt Review policies and procedures related to venous access and infusion therapy and offer recommendations based on INS standards of practice.

bullet-orange-alt Provide education support for infusion therapy and vascular access.

bullet-orange-alt Implement our “Source Control” programs throughout the facility during the implementation phase. We focus on evidence based and best practices and processes.

bullet-orange-alt Patient outcomes are collected on a concurrent basis for quality reporting and collaboration with infection prevention.

Who are your customers?

We service acute care facilities, long term acute care, rehabilitation centers, long-term care, home health, hospice and correctional facilities.

Why do your customers outsource this clinical service?

Cost Containment

We provide a single fee for service that includes 24/7 nursing service, all insertion related procedural supplies, patient education, staff education, continual follow-up care for the life of the device and quality surveillance, tracking and outcomes reporting. Our model is well proven to show improvements in costs, efficiency and patient outcomes.

Clinical Expertise

Healthcare providers realize that s/he who specializes in a procedure and focuses singularly on that procedure is going to have optimal success rates, ensure greater patient safety, improve patient satisfaction in that specialty area and provide more positive patient outcomes due to the level of expertise.

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