Who is Lee Medical?

About Lee MedicalNurse Red

Lee Medical has a 21-year history of providing vascular access services.  All Lee Medical nurses are provided both cohesive classroom and clinical training in order to provide the highest level of competency associated with vascular access.

 Benefits of a strategic alliance with Lee Medical

bullet-orange-alt Assessment of existing processes related to infusion therapy
bullet-orange-alt Standardization of vascular access service
bullet-orange-alt Improved patient outcomes, improved patient satisfaction and improved physician satisfaction
bullet-orange-alt All-inclusive capped cost
bullet-orange-alt PICC / IV Insertion Service
bullet-orange-alt Ongoing Care and Maintenance
bullet-orange-alt Optimal 24/7 Support
bullet-orange-alt Vascular Access / IV Therapy Education
bullet-orange-alt Reduced costs associated with maintaining inventory
bullet-orange-alt Reduced costs associated with referrals sent to radiology
bullet-orange-alt Accelerated throughput reducing length of stay
bullet-orange-alt Reduced liability for customers
bullet-orange-alt Reduced recidivism


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